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Q. Where is the LINE-UP STORE?

This is the Minamihorie area in Osaka. At fashion street

Located on the riverside 1 minute walk from the famous Orange Street.


Google map


Q. Which age group do you often visit in the Horie area?

To make the most of Minamihorie's land, fashion events,

The artist event is perfect. Horie and Amemura are the places where Osaka's fashion and music are transmitted. Ideal for promotions such as fashion events and new product launch events.


・ Minamihorie is visited not only by young people but also by young and old people, including families. If you can express the world view of the product that matches your target, many visitors can expect it.


・ Osaka Horie is a fashion tourist destination, and many domestic and overseas travelers

It is an area that attracts the interests and interests of many people, where it is easy to promote new products at places where people go.


Number of pedestrians

11,748 weekdays

Holiday 20,756


Number of passengers

343,016 people


Q. Can I use the kitchen space?

Kitchen space is also available for free.

IH, espresso machine, mixer,

You can use dishes, cutlery and glasses.


Kitchen equipment materials


Q. What time is it available?

There is no limit on the usage time.

* Please contact us for use after 23:00.




Q. Are there any fixtures in the space?

70 hangers, price tag, projector, screen, cash register with dial, clothes iron, 15 clear chairs, 1 vertical digital signage, etc. can all be used free of charge.


Rental equipment materials


Q. What customizations can be made to the space?

1. Customize your design on the entire glass surface

2.Customization by cutting seal sign construction

3. Signage design customization

* Basically, you can customize it freely if it is possible to return to the current status.


Reference material for customization


Q. Is the schedule and period set?

In particular, the schedule will be decided together with the organizer at the meeting.

The period is possible from one day to a long period.


Q. Is it possible to collect luggage in advance?

If you let us know your arrival date in advance, our staff will pick up your luggage.

* Shipping fees are to be paid by the organizer.

※ Depending on the schedule, it may not be received.


Q. Are there any services for PR?

If you can share promotional materials, announcement flyers, etc.

We will advertise on our SNS and website before the event. In addition, the event page of the organizer is available for free on Facebook page “Cool Japan” with 590,000 followers operated by our company, so it is possible to attract many overseas customers who like MADE IN JAPAN. There is.


Q. Can images / videos be reflected on vertical signage?

If image material (JPEG (/ JPG) or video material (mp4) can be prepared, it can be reflected on each monitor.

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